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On/Off Grid Wall Split Type Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Green Energy Affordable Best Selling
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product: view count: 372On/Off Grid Wall Split Type Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Green Energy Affordable Best Selling 
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On/Off Grid Wall Split Type Solar Air Conditioner works perfectly under AC only, DC only or AC+DC, high SEER, wide voltage design, works perfectly under normal and T3 tropical climate. It equipped with MPPT PV tracking system, utilize the PV DC power as priority. DC directly power the indoor&outdoor fan motors and the compressor. When the DC power is not sufficient, the AC power helps, thus achieve continuously power supply. Wide voltage design, freely use different PV panel configuration according to your installation space.

Technical Data Parameters -Panel A
AC Power supply Ph-V-Hz 220-240V~ 50/60HZ, 1Ph 220-240V~ 50/60HZ, 1Ph 220-240V~ 50/60HZ, 1Ph 220-240V~ 50/60HZ, 1Ph
DC Power supply V DC24-48 DC24-48 DC24-48 DC24-48
Rated Cooling Capacity                      Btu/h 9000(3500-11000) 12000(3700-14000) 18000(6200~20900) 24000(9100-26900)
Cooling Power input
W 100-1240 100-1580 140~2360 240-3030
Cooling  Current
A 0.4-5.4 0.4-6.9 0.6~10.3 1.0-13.2
Rated Heating Capacity         Btu/h 10000(2800-11500) 13000(3000-14400) 19000(4700~23000) 25000(5500-30000)
Heating Power input
W 120-1200 130-1510 200~2410 260-3140
Heating Current
A 0.5-5.2 0.6-6.6 0.9~10.5 1.1-13.7
Indoor air flow(Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 420/320/270 570/470/370 840/680/540 980/800/640
Indoor sound pressure level (Hi/Mi/Lo/Si) dB(A) 40/34/29.5/25 41/36/28/23 47/40/35/25 45/39/34/27
Indoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 805x194x285 805x194x285 957x213x302  1040×220×327
Packing(W*D*H) mm 870x270x360 870x270x360 1035x295x380 1120x405x310
Net/Gross weight   Kg 7.2/9.6 7.2/9.6 9.5/12.5 11.9/15.2
Outdoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 835x320x540 835x320x540 835x320x540 910x340x700
Packing (W*D*H) mm 900x400x600 900x400x600 900x400x600 1035x375x755
Net/Gross weight   Kg 28/33 33/38 35/40 45/51
Thermostat type
Remote Control Remote Control Remote Control Remote Control
Operation temperature Indoor(cooling/ heating) 17~32/0~30   17~32/0~30   17~32/0~30   17~32/0~30  
Outdoor(cooling/heating) 17~52/-15~30 17~52/-15~30 17~52/-15~30 17~52/-15~30
Application area
12-18 16-23 24-35 32-47
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